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Automated Abode is a vision that has been a long time in the making. We are a company dedicated to making smart homes accessible to a wider audience at an affordable price. We realize that with proper programming, a smart home can be much more than a bunch of remotely controlled appliances: it can be fully automated to the preferences of its owner. Our company operates under the "set and forget" motto: once the programming is set, you can forget about it completely and enjoy the ease of your smart home. It is our mission to work closely with you to create a home that conforms to your needs and wants so that you can savor the precious times in your space in absolute comfort.


A lifelong technology enthusiast, Efraim Vaynman, founder of Automated Abode, has extensive experience in the tech sector and a passion for smart homes. This passion has realized itself in the form of Automated Abode, a company that makes smart homes an attainable, realistic dream for everyone.

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